Introducing: Quilt Fairies at Baylys Beach

Hi There

This is me, John, Head Pixie at Quilt Fairies, Baylys Beach. I am originally from Denmark, but for the last 15 years a permanent resident of New Zealand. Three years ago I "found" patchwork and quilting, - and have now become completely hooked on quilting.

I quickly moved into making quite large quilts for friends and family - but found it difficult to quilt those big quilts on a domestic sewing machine. After some serious thinking and a lot of research we imported an A1 Long-arm Quilt Machine in Feb. 2007, and open our Quilt Studio, Quilt Fairies at Baylys Beach.

My partner, Darwin, Designer and Computer Pixie, who has a background in Science, and a great eye for visual composition and designs, helps with design and computer support. Darwin is also a great amateur ceramic artist.

In this picture I am working on my sister's quilt. Quilt wise I am interested in strong visual patterns and designs, tessellations and symmetry. ( I am a great fan of Ricky Tims and Jinny Beyer). Last year I was so privileged to participate in a 5 day quilt retreat in La Veta, Colorado, at Ricky Tims' Quilt Studio. At his quilt retreat I learnt so many new exciting techniques and methods that I am still working on putting them into good use.

Longarm Machine Quilting - All you need to know....

Longarm machines has a large throat, sits on wheels which glides up and down on tracks. With my A1 machine I can quilt a 17 inch wide area in one pass - and up to over 4 meters wide quilts!

The quilt top and backing are pinned to separate rollers, carefully rolled up, then pulled forward and joined together on "the front roller", with the batting sandwiched in the middle.

With the "quilt sandwich" secured on the rollers, stretched out with a wee bit of tension, you can now easily quilt the layers together.

When quilting by longarm, backing and batting will need to be about at least 3 inch wider - all around - than your quilt top.
You either quilt "free-hand motion" from the front of the machine - using the machine as a drawing pen - sewing out the patterns and designs as you please. - Or you can work from the back of the machine, with a laser light or pointer following a "line design" (called a pantograph). These pantograph's comes in many different sizes and patterns.

When you have decided to get your special quilt longarm quilted, you will need to consider:

  1. Backing - One piece of extra wide fabric - or several joined together?
  2. Batting - Poly or Cotton, Low or High Loft?
  3. Thread - Poly or Cotton, same colour on top and back?
  4. Quilt Designs - All over, or special fitted to complement the design of your quilt-top?
  5. Quilt Density - Dense or not ? - Depends of use of quilt, washing frequency etc.
  6. Stitch Length - Short or Long?

I suggest for you to give us a phone call, or pop out for a cup of coffee and a chat, and we can discuss the options you have in mind.

Price and Design - General Information

I will try to quote you a fair and square price for getting your quilt quilted.

The price will depend of how large your quilt top is - and of your chosen design and lay-out.

An all over meandering or pantograph will be cheaper - than a special custom design.

Stitching in the Ditch (SID) on a longarm can be slow and difficult, hence SID is not cheap, - nor is one of my favorites!

I can provide batting and extra wide fabric backing at an extra cost.

I may charge extra for: Metallic threads, to turn quilt for special boarder quilting, trapunto, seaming of backing, squaring of backing, and if required speedy delivery - a rush charge.

Extra charge will also apply for binding of quilt and adding of a wall hanging sleeve if required.

Pricing - Examples and Estimates

This is a guide to help you estimate the cost of our services. The cost depends on the size of your quilt, and how you want it quilted, such as an all-over, edge-to-edge pantograph pattern, or an unique custom design - fitted especially to your quilt.

------------- Size:---------- Meander--Pantograph--Custom Design

Lap/ Single-1.50 x 2.00m-- $60.00----- $85.00-------$120.00

Double------ 2.00 x 2.00m- - $90.00---- $140.00------ $180.00

Queen------- 2.50 x 2.50m-- $120.00---- $170.00------$220.00

King---------- 3.00 x 3.00m-- $160.00----$240.00------$300.00

Gallery - Own Quilt Works

Please feel free to go and have a look of the quilts I have made so far.

From each quilt I have learnt so much - and each quilt has been a challenge in it-self.

I am still enjoying creating symmetry, and am slowly moving into creating my own designs and patterns.
Let me know if you are interested in making something similar!

Gallery - Customer's Quilt Works

Attached is a gallery of pictures of long-arm quilted customers quilt-tops.